Friday, 24 January 2014

Bands who sing in Old English Anglo-Saxon Language

There are quite a few bands who perform music in the language of the Anglo-Saxons, Old English. Here are a run down of some cool songs in Old English.

 Ildra are a pagan black metal band who recorded an entire 9 track album, Eðelland, in Old English in 2011.
The song title means "Over the whale's way (sea) we come" .

Aelfric sings in ancient Germanic languages like Anglo-Saxon and Gothic. This ethereal indie style song is called Thunor blad, which means Thunor boast. It's about the Anglo-Saxon god of Thunder.

FIRE + ICE are a neofolk group formed in 1991. This song has Anglo-Saxon lyrics which kick in about 3 minutes into the song. The song itself is about remembering the Gewisse tribe, who were an Anglo-Saxon tribe from Southern England.

Forefather are two brothers from Surrey who perform epic metal with an Anglo-Saxon theme. Some of their songs are even sung in Old English. The following track is a metal version of an English folk song which was first written down in 1225AD. The lyrics are actually in Middle English not Old English, but the two languages are very similar.

Æþelruna are a depressive black metal band who perform songs in Old English. Their name means "Noble runes". This song is about the Viking landings at Lindisfarne in North Eastern England, it was recorded in 2013.